Private clients

We have several years of experience in cases of adultery . Our nationwide network of detectives are ready to help you, whether you want to uncover your suspicions or want hard evidence of infidelity .

Besides infidelity , we have solved cases of supervision in divorce and examination of economic factors such as ownership of companies and properties .

Examples of cases we have solved

Adultery regarding man
A woman suspects her husband of having a stable relationship with another woman . A private detective follows the man from early morning , where he meets on his work. After working a full day’s work, the detective finally report to the client that the suspicions proved to be correct and that the man visited the other woman at her residence.

Infidelity about woman
A man suspects his wife of being unfaithful with an acquaintance. Two detectives follow the woman when she leaves her home in the morning and follows her car until she arrives at a mall where she meets her lover. Detectives follows mated to a park where detectives remotely take pictures of the couple kissing and holding hands .

Christmas lunch in Copenhagen
A man wants to get supervised with his wife taking part in a Christmas party . Detectives watching the woman at a restaurant and follows the company around the night clubs. Detectives could then tell the man that his wife’s behavior did not raise suspicions of infidelity.

The new partner
A woman has a case running about divorce with her husband. The man must come to the State Administration about the couple’s children . The woman wants to make sure that the man’s new partner does not participate in the meeting. Private detective arrives at the State Administration and observe the man when he arrives and sits down in the waiting room . The detective could then reports to the client that the man arrived alone .