Fees and payment

ServiceIncluding 25% danish VAT Excluding VAT
Conference call – maximum duration 30 min. 300 DKK240 DKK
Hourly rate620 DKK496 DKK
Driving per. km.6,5 DKK5,2 DKK
Personal meeting prior to assignment1.500 DKK1.200 DKK
Address search – Denmark – Start fee900 DKK720 DKK
Address search – Denmark – Success fee1.000 DKK800 DKK
Address search – abroadAsk for price –
Tracing of person – DenmarkFrom 5.000 DKKFrom 4.000 DKK
Tracing of person – abroadAsk for price –
Fee for urgent tasks – start-up within 24 hours1.000 DKK800 DKK
Fee for cancellation of assignments – notice over 24 hours1.240 DKK992 DKK
Fee for cancellation of assignments within 24 hoursFull payment –

Surveillance tasks – two hours of preparation and at least four hours of work

You pay for at least four hours of surveillance regardless of whether the task is solved in less time. If the task takes longer, you pay an hourly rate of 620 DKK for each subsequent hour. Before we start a task, we always spend a lot of time preparing. When the task is over, the detective writes a report which we send to you by e-mail. For this work you pay two hours of preparation. The cost is at least 3.720 DKK plus driving.

Driving is added according to the number of kilometers driven and possibly bridge and parking fees. Expenses that arise during the execution of the task such as admission, etc. will be added to the invoice according to cost price.


You can pay in the following ways:

Account transfer to our account, by Paypal or credit card.

We will send an invoice to you by email when the payment is received.

We cover the whole country with local detectives, but our administration is located in Skanderborg. Therefore, it will often not be practically possible to show up at our office and pay in cash. All our detectives are anonymous. Therefore, you can not meet with our detective before the task.


All assignments must be prepaid. If we have not received your payment before the task starts, the task will be canceled.
If the task is canceled or moved within 24 hours from the scheduled start time, the entire amount paid is due for payment. If you cancel the assignment more than 24 hours before the start of the assignment, we will set off a fee corresponding to the preparation time of two hours. A total of 1.240 DKK.